NIS-MUN March 2018

Welcome to the fourth edition of the annual Naseem International School MUN! Since its inception four years ago, the Naseem International School Model United Nations, has strived to maintain an exceptional simulation of the prestigious United Nations; the student led event transformed itself into a passion for many young minds, and became a beacon of confidence, provoked critical thinking and enabled students to embrace their identities, whilst practicing their managerial and leadership roles in practicality. Having had 3 successful MUN conferences, this year, we aim to go above and beyond in terms of diplomacy, conflict resolution and creative thinking. We hope that through this year's MUN, we will be able to embody the essence of the United Nations and to emphasize the urgency of resolving issues that have escalated around the world at an alarming rate.

Having said this, our theme for this year's MUN is: 'A Fulfilling Future'. With our focus on ensuring prosperity, peace and sustainable development in the future, this year's NISMUN will focus on conflicts and issues that need to be eradicated to provide a future that is both fulfilling and fruitful for future global generations.

A Sustainable outlook: Keeping in line with the identity of an international 'eco-friendly' school, as well as preserving the identity and goals of the school itself, Naseem International School promises to promote a sustainable and environmentally conscious conference, where delegates and organizing members will be encouraged to advocate the importance of 'green education' and sustainability in all walks of life.

The conference will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2018 at the Naseem International School campus in Riffa, Bahrain.


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