Parent Teacher Association

Our PTA is newly elected every 2 years. Members include parents, teachers, and administrators.
The PTA objectives are:  

  • To promote cooperation, consultation and interaction between the teaching staff and the parents.
  • To exchange view points between the teachers and parents on issues pertaining to the upbringing and guidance of children; maintaining co-ordination between the school and the home so that what are deemed to be the best educational and social methods are followed in dealing with the students. Methods based on established research. In this way, a productive partnership will exist between parental upbringing and the school’s guidance, and Consequently, the student’s character will be developed in a sound, healthy manner.
  • To cooperate and work on developing school activities. To participate in all activities that will promote the school and widen the student’s cultural scope and awareness.
  • To cooperate and participate in organizing programmes such as school celebrations, presentations, and the screening of educational films and arranging educational trips. To assist the school in fund-raising, obtaining contributions and supporting the school’s continued development and progress.



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