School Services

The Naseem International School offers a range of services to its students.  Continuous facility improvements are examples of the continuing output of resources to improve and enhance the campus for students’ use.

Arabic as a second language (ASL) is available for students from a non-Arabic background. English as a second language (ESL) students receive differentiated instruction in English classes.

Guidance Counseling 
The major objectives and functions of guidance and counseling services are to help students acquire the necessary study and social skills, and the necessary self-confidence to maximize their achievements and their abilities. These prepare our students to make informed decisions regarding their personal, educational and vocational life, and support them in facing academic, social and emotional difficulties

Health Services
When a student falls ill during school he or she will be sent to the school nurse. In the event of an accident where it appears that a more serious injury has occurred, the student will not be moved, and the school nurse will be sent for immediately. The nurse will make the necessary arrangements and will inform the teacher and principal. The parents will be contacted by the school.

Reinforcement Classes
The school offers additional reinforcement classes for Elementary and Middle School students who have been identified by their teachers. The school discourages private tutoring and believes that reinforcement classes are an effective alternative. In cases whare it is needed, parents are kindly requested to inform the school about the tutoring so that the teachers may cooperate with and guide the tutors at home.


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