Nis Achievements 2011/2012 - Curriculum Development

The following is a summary of the work undertaken in 2011-2012:


The start of the school year was very smooth with an exceptionally high rate of return of continuing students. The enrollment for all schools continues to grow and currently stands at 923 enrollees.

Curriculum Development in PYP/MYP/DP

The PYP Programme of Inquiry (POI) continues to be successfully delivered by all grades, in both languages, in accordance with the IBO requirements. The ongoing development of students’ reading and writing, and Maths in both languages remains a curriculum focus in the elementary school.    



Student/Parent/Teacher Relationship

The Elementary School conducted their Musical Production Strictly Panto in May. All students participated and teachers did an excellent job of working as a team to produce an internationally and open minded display of our english, arabic, drama / music and arts curriculum.



Staffing and Staff Development

The ES welcomed Ms. Charis Shuter, Ms. Despoina Karpouzi, Ms. Megan Woolman, Ms. Manal Nabeel, Ms. Zelda Broodryk, Ms. Jannifer Kioge, Ms. Hanan Al Hejooj, Ms. Shiranthini Hensman, Ms. Enaam Al Khatib, Ms. Marwish Merzhar, Ms. Nnosang Wilson,  Ms. Jehan Namlaiti and Ms. Ewa Rojek. The MS and HS welcomed Mr. Ali Al Shehab, Ms. Nisha Jijith, Mr. Schalk Munnik and Ms. Fatima Altamimi. NIS also hired new graphics publisher Mr. Santhost Kumar and for MS/HS Librarian Ms. Fatima Mohammed Ali.



Student Led Conferences/ 3-Way Conferences

After every Report Card was issued to students, parents were invited to attend 3 - Way conferences. This continues to weld the bond between the school and the parent community as the numbers of parents visiting the school increased dramatically.



NIS Educational Field Trips

Grade 3 visited Al Dar Island for an extended day trip in May. Grade 4 students visited Hawar Island for a one night/two days Educational Trip in April. Ms. Adele, Ms. Jacolien and Ms. Ranya attended. Parent and student support were outstanding.



School Community

We conducted home reading workshops for parents in English and Arabic.

The community relationship with Ithmar Bank has continued with 18 students attending the school in a range of Elementary Classes. 



Personal Projects

The Personal Project is a piece of work done over an extended period of time on a topic selected by all Grade 10 students themselves. The coordination and management of this portfolio has been improved on year by year.




When the Middle States Association’s Commission grants accreditation to a school, the accreditation action includes several conditions that must be met for the school to retain its accredited status throughout the term of accreditation.



NIS Alumni

Alumni members were invited to share their contact details on a facebook page and to forward their email details.



School Premises                                                                                                

The new ES Media Centre was opened for the start of the school year. This building now includes the Nursery Section, office, Library/Media centre, IT, Art and Music/Drama rooms.



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