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Great leadership usually starts with a willing heart
A position of leadership requires one to possess a forward-looking vision, be prepared to contribute to dynamic change, lead effective action, support pragmatic expectations, exemplify admirable coaching and offer uplifting recognition to those who contribute to the overall benefit of the institution.

This year, as a school, we live up to the expectation that Naseem International School inspires lifelong learners and global citizens. This is only attained through the effective coordination of all our resources within a team of highly qualified educators. Our role involves setting realistic, attainable goals that express our school’s mission while supporting our team of educators in an effective manner so as to ensure a collective energy of cooperation and a collective sense of responsibility. By raising expectations, we aim to instill critical thinking and problem-solving skills that would ensure resolution in the face of encountered challenges and even obstacles. Our duty includes leading the quest for focused timely actions, guided by a shared vision, which pre-empts the path to successful accomplishments. And finally we, as the leadership, should propagate the recognition of all contributions to the shared vision and mission of our
outstanding educational institution.

My role as MS/HS principal compels me to strive for these attributes of effective and efficient leadership. I see a leader’s vision as something which defines him, it is the focused challenge which drives his actions and which guides the change and transformation he is initiating.

“Great leadership usually starts with a willing heart, a positive attitude,and a desire to make a difference.” Mac Anderson

Fuad Prins
MS/HS Principal


National Honor Society
In keeping with its Mission and Philosophy and their emphasis on educating the whole child, N.I.S. has created a school Honor Society to motivate all students and reward those who have excelled academically, in addition to demonstrating exemplary character, leadership skills and participation in service to the school and/or the wider community.

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