Middle School Activities

CAS programme aims to
  • Encourages responsible citizenship as it seeks to deepen students’ knowledge.
  • Gain an understanding of the world around them.
  • Encourages students to make connections between their intellectual and social development and the benefits that they can bring to the community.
  • Allows students to discover the social reality of self, others and community.
  • Fosters the affective, creative, ethical and cognitive development of the adolescent.
  • Raise awareness that may lead to action being taken.
  • Fosters sensitivity to the needs of the community and society in general.
  • Encourage empathy and respect that can lead to deeper understanding.
  • Engage students in positive action and contact with other social and cultural environments to enrich them emotionally, socially, morally and culturally.
  • Promotes awareness of the role of the individual within a community.
  • Encourage an altruistic attitude which enriches the life of the student through enhanced insight into different social patterns and ways of life.

MS Activities
MS students are encouraged to participate in the school’s many activities. These are organized and managed by NIS teachers and include activities, such as:

1. Events organized by the Middle School Student Council.
2. Charity drives; locally and internationally.
3. Sports events and tournaments, locally, regionally and internationally.
4. Drama Production.
5. Annual Art Fair.
6. Model United Nations (MUN).
7. National Honor Society (NHS).
8. Annual Spelling Bee.
9. Arabic and English Writing Activity.
10. Annual Speech Competition.
11. Personal Project Exhibition and Presentations.
12. International Day.
13. Annual Science Fair.
14. Students Gathering.
15. Family Day.
16. Annual NIS Fun Run.
17. Bahrain National Day Celebration.

MS Educational Trips
MS teachers often arrange educational fieldtrips for their students with the aim of enhancing the material taught in class.
The destinations and venues for local and international trips include:

1. Desert Camping
2. Al Areen Wildlife Park
3. Aluminum Factory
4. Adhari Park 
5. Lebanon
6. Switzerland
7. France
8. Thailand
9. China
10. Al Amal Institute for Children with Special Needs
11. Old Age Care Facility

Philosophy behind MYP Community and Service
The IB mission statement stresses that its concern extends beyond intellectual achievement: students should develop a personal value system that guides their own lives as thoughtful and active members of local and global communities.

Community and Service (CS) is an important component of the Middle Years Programme because it promotes citizenship and encourages students to develop and accept roles which serve both the national and international community. This area of interaction (AOI) supports the fundamental concept of intercultural awareness, which aims to encourage tolerance and respect, which lead to empathy and understanding. Students are engaged in activities that will enrich them emotionally, socially, morally and culturally through their contact with other social and cultural environments.

NIS Student Committees
At Naseem International School (NIS), the Community and Service AOI Leader in collaboration with the MS school counselor have established the following committees to reach the goals inherent in the CS area of interaction:

1. MS Students’ Council
2. Library Committee
3. Community and Service Committee

Which Includes
- A Peer Mediation Team
- Recycling Team
- Cafeteria & Hallway  monitoring team
- Library Assistants ' Team

Students are involved in at least one activity of the Community and Service Committee per academic year and are encouraged to participate in other school-initiated activities.

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