Elementary Activities

Student Activities
Throughout the school year, and as part of the PYP curriculum framework. Elementary School students participate in the following activities:-

  • Student Council
  • Peer Mediation
  • The Annual Musical Production
  • Reading Activities:
    I love to read week/Character Dress-up day
  • ES Maths Day
  • Sports Days
  • Scholastics Book Club
  • Gargaon Night
  • Family Day
  • Book Fairs
  • Fundraising for Charity
  • Weekly Assemblies
  • Art Fair






In-School activities and clubs

NIS Shapes Up! activities:

  • Share your healthy breakfast
  • H2O day




Educational Field Trips
Teachers and students attend Educational Field Trips with every Unit of Inquiry ( PYP curriculum). This is an essential element in the students' in context learning.

Students Visit:

  • Newspapers and Publishing Houses
  • Hospitals
  • Fire Station
  • Garden Centres
  • Fish Cultivation Centre
  • Reclamation Sites
  • Al Jasara House and Handicrafts, Al Ali Pottery
  • Homes for the Elderly
  • Souqs, supermarkets
  • Cinemas
  • Saar Burial Grounds
  • Ballet Centre, Ezi Fit, Taekwondo
  • Marina Club, Yacht Club
  • Theatre - Cultural Events

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